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International private equity funds

Since  its  establishment  in 2005 , DPHK  have been providing a broad range  of services  to  various  private  equity  funds . We  advised our fund  clients on the fund structure and helped them to set up all the fund entities in Cayman Island, British  Virgin  Islands , Hong  Kong , mainland  China  ,  etc  .  We  also  provided assistance in KYC ( know your  client ) procedures , fund  documentation , bank account     opening     ,  fund    administration    ,  company    secretarial    matters, bookkeeping & accounting , financial audit ,  etc .  Besides , we  are  experienced in deal  execution , portfolio  monitoring and portfolio valuation . In case clients needed any service that we were not in an appropriate  position to provide , we utilized   our   strong  network  with   other   professional   parties  and  referred competent professionals to our clients quickly.